“Journey to Excellence “



Must attend one of the mandatory courses and complete it successfully: Etiquette Protocol, Standard of Appearance, Style of Communication, how to become a passionate Host, Success comes from within, Service in Elegance, Tue Art of Service, Dress to impress.


Can attend one of the skill profile Courses: How to manage your principal - your guests, Presentation skill, Service Revenue in Harmony, Culture boundaries, Feedback, Complaint Handling, Team building.

Management Training

Leadership skill, Train the Trainer, use the knowledge of Team-player for HR strategic decision, Conflict Management through Self-reflection analysis and Mediation techniques, How to manage difficult crew issues.

Technical service training in guest mode

Technical service training in guest mode in various hotel departement (Concierge, Front office, Guest relation, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping and if applicable Butler departement): Fine dinning, Personalized service in the Suite, Anticipate guest needs through Guest relation services, First impression - everlasting impression through elegance service delivery, Housekeeping Management skills, Front Office & Concierge Service delivery., Menu Engineerings - cooking skills, wine & Beverage knowledge.

„Wisdom comes not from age, but from education and learning.”

Several instruments exist to assist to identify the training style. You may wish to complete one to determine your style. Most suggest that there are several styles. You may have learned about your communication style, managerial style, or leadership style in the past. The most important correlation between training style theory and other style theories is that all styles are appropriate for different situations. There is no right or wrong style.

  • Each of our Trainers has a preferred training style that has been developing over the years.
  • All styles are appropriate for various situations.
  • Each style has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Each learners have their preferred learning styles, and each of the training styles affects each of the learning styles in different ways, some helpful and some less so.
  • The most successful trainers will be those who are flexible, that is, they can adapt training style to that of the learner. We coach our Trainer to anticipate to the needs of the Trainee. 
  • Training style is only effectieve once the changes and the transformation take place in the way how employee and students apply certain skills and knowledge.

As a trainer/Instructor we need to determine what is most important and what we need to know so that we can recommend a learning event that is most beneficial to the participants as well for the organisation. One of the most important reasons for conducting a needs assessment and analyzing the data is to determine which training Module need to be used or designed tailor made to the requirement.

Once the strategy of the Training need is clear we need to work with the individual person. It isn’t over until you know whether it is a training need! These quick questions help you to pinpoint the answer.

  • Does the individual have the will to do the job?
  • Is the individual allowed to do the job?
  • Does your employeeee have sufficient awareness of the different stages of excellence service ?
  • Is the individual employee inspired to understand the life style of the Hospitality industry ? 
  • What makes you as employee and graduated student distinguished in your appearance ?
  • Does the individual person knows of the importance of Etiquette & Style ? 
  • What does it means succes comes from within ?
  • How do you become a passionate Host ? 
  • How do you deal with critical situation of your life while dealing with human factor.
  • Upgrade your personal branding 
  • Throughout our familiarization visit of your property  , we may notice extremely talented employees who are just waiting for a chance to take on new challenges. 
  • Most of them are highly motivated, have a success-oriented attitude and can-do ordinary things extraordinary well. For such employees the training plan includes a development plan ” Journey of Excellence ” T.E. Training Programas a company  employee  development strategy.
  • We think that all employee of any property  is entitled to training programs that would allow them to develop skills to the next level of service delivery. We have successful implemented J.T.E. Training program concept  for Luxury Brand Hotel & International Cruise company.  
  • We are not only certified in training of a Modern Butler, but we are expert and specialized  in skill profile training for your hotel and cruise line ships 


Training itself is not the only key of our successes. We transform your Head department to become future in-house Trainer, specialized in each of their own fields. Our training vision will become an integral part of your learning and development strategy. Allow us to inspire you, to study our tailor-made training program we have designed, for the Domestic Service and the International Hospitality. We will train your front of house service staff to deliver the Elegant service style inspired from the vision of our institute. At our institute we train our students in period of 8 weeks to gain some of the knowledge to become successful brand ambassador of your property. For your hotels / resorts and cruise ships we train your employee in period of 2 weeks or longer depends on your requirement. We will provide a tailor-made training program and use our unique curriculum as guidance.

Our programs

We would request you not to hesitate to get in touch with us for a tailor-made consulting services and training concept. Please feel free to reach out and to study our websites.

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